Moving Image Production is an independent production company based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The company specializes in creative documentaries for television and for cinema release. Our main focus is on history, politics, culture and human interest. Besides documentaries we like to pick up shorts for television.

Our productions are author driven and have a high production value. Many of them are welcomed with international acclaim, considering the prizes, and are broadcasted in many countries.

Like Mama Calle and Velo Negro by Arjanne Laan, Present Past by Anet van Barneveld, Jos Wassinks Rêve d’Afrique, and Man on the Roof  by Mathijs Geijskes.

We have been producing films for 25 years. A small business with considerable international experience, we are also contracted as line-producer or executive producer by other companies.
Some years ago Moving Image Production expanded its activities into new & interactive media production. The first appealing result was realized in 2007 by Antoon Sturkenboom: the serious game InConflict.
With the production of Music as Weapon (worktitle) we renew our successful co-operation with Arjanne Laan, returning back at the creative documentary.