Music as a Weapon

In 2015 Moving Image Production renewed the successful co-operation with director Arjanne Laan (Mama Calle, Velo Negro) with the project Music as a Weapon.

Music as a Weapon is a documentary about the power of music. Arjanne Laan goes around with musicians in exile. Her mission is to unravel why repressive regimes fear music and why they are so eager to persecute musicians.

Important character in Music as a Weapon is Dutch/Chilean composer Patricio Wang. In Chile he was charged by the military regime of Pinochet, because he played モforbiddenヤ music. Patricio left Chile forty years ago, but only recently he could transform his experiences into a piece of music.

The other musicians in exile are, like Patricio, well-known or even famous.
Cheick Tidiane Seck from Mali is a key figure in the Parisian music scene. Mali is afflicted by the fundamentalists of Islamic Ansur ud Din, who ban music and destroy instruments. Cheickメs dream is to play freely again, there, with his good friend Ahmed - a muslim.
Argentinian concert pianist Miguel Estrella fled from the murdering Videla regime. He got run in after he had organized classical music concerts for ordinary farmers, and put to torture for years. He survived by analyzing the sounds of torture, rape and all the agony he heard, making them into musical compositions.
Serges Kassy played a noticeable role in the civil war in Ivory Coast, stirring up the people with his reggae. He is very popular in Ivory Coast and repeatedly he is invited to return home, but he still fears for his life in case he will get back.

Director Arjanne Laan questions the musicians about their convictions and the choices they made, trying to find out what makes music so powerful.
She developed a series of podcasts, and a series of documentary animations, that will de published as the documentary series Music as a Weapon.

The development of Music as a Weapon is financed by the Prins Bernhard Cultural Fund and the Dutch Film Fund.
Current status: in research / production
Release date: September 2018 up to 2021

Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds NL Film Fonds

Serges Kassy with director Arjanne Laan

Graphic Design Trailer : Jan Maarten Sneep
Composition Trailer : Daniel Cross - Rosa Ensemble

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