Velo Negro

Arjanne Laan's impressive feature documentary about Mexican immigrants in the U.S. A co-production with the Danish Film Fund.

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Joris Ivens Award - Cinéma du Réel, Paris 1996.
Premio Speciale della Giuria - Ambiente Incontri, Pordenone 1996.

Screened at, o.a.:

La Mo-viola, Cinema delle Donne, Turin, Italy, 1996.

Freiburger Film and Video Forum, Germany, 1996.

Silence, Elles Tournent, Montréal, Canada, 1996.

DokumentArt, Neubrandenburg, Germany, 1996.

Semana International de Cine de Valladolid, Amascultura, Spain, 1996.

a rural family in Mexico


Velo Negro is a documentary about three people who left their Mexican mountain villages to seek success in the United States.
Franco is having a good time in New York. However, his wife Micaela cannot take root and dreams of returning to her homeland. Antonio also realizes that his dream is not in the promised land, but at home with his family.
He goes back before even crossing the border.

Velo Negro shows that the desire to have a home is just as strong as the dream of leaving. The bus from the Mexican village keeps taking young people away.
The elderly stay behind. As their mountain village gets increasingly quiet, people are born to leave and return to die. Here the choice has become impossible. Neither staying, nor leaving can bring happiness.

Sardinas, one of the main characters in Mama Calle


Research, script, direction: Arjanne Laan link

The immigrants: Antonio López Orosco, Micaela López Pineda, Franco Márquez

Camera and light: Anthony Dod Mantle, Bernd Wouthuysen

Sound: Jesus Sanchez, Ben Zijlstra

Editor: Jan Dop

Music: Patricio Wang

Production: Kaie Klaassen voor Moving Image Production

Velo Negro is a Moving Image Production film, for TV1 The Netherlands / NCRV-Television, in coproduction with Statens Film Central Denmark (Danish Film Board), co-financed by: Dutch Film Fund, Co-production Fund for Dutch Broadcasters, Dutch National Committee for Development Education, and Moving Image Production.

media programme Nederlands Film Fonds Cobo NCRV

Velo Negro was developed with a loan from the European Media Project for the Creative Documentary

Language versions: English subtitled / Dutch subtitled / Danish subtitled

Date of release: September 1995

Running time: 72'30" en 50”

Format film: 16 mm 1:1.37 / 35 mm 1:1.66

Formaat video: any videoformat (incl. D1 16:9 PAL+)

Original languages: Spanish and English spoken + Dutch commentary

copyright © Moving Image Production BV, 1995, 1996

Antonio, one of the main characters in Velo Negro