Kaffee Powuzzie - Café Poetry, in dialect

A short film by Arjanne Laan. A dance between image and sound, in a typical village pub.

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Kaffee Powuzzie (Café Poetry, pronounced in a southern dialect) by director Arjanne Laan is an atmospheric observation of a typical village pub, situated in the south of Holland, the region known for its thriving social life, carnival, and Burgundian attitude. The film is a wickerwork in which image and sound are interwoven in an amazing way. They enter into a dance, sometimes the music is leading, then the images prevail. Sometimes the laughter or a single sentence by the café-goers play the first fiddle, sometimes we only see their feet on the floor, moving to the music.

The film was produced in an unorthodox way. On the basis of the first single sketches and fragments - made by camera and sound, independent from each other and on different moments - Patricio Wang composed the music. Then the music was mixed with the sound fragments to a first rough layer of sound, which served as a guide for the recording of the final images. In the fine cut everything was brought together. In Kaffee Powuzzie the cooperation with director Arjanne Laan and with composer Patricio Wang, who did the scores for her films Mama Calle and Velo Negro, is renewed. The result shows the essence of the village pub: a living room where you forget your day-to-day worries for a moment, where everybody knows each other without getting to close.

An atmospheric observation of a typical village pub

Meet your friends in your local pub – they’re always there. Picture: Fokke van Saane


Concept & script, and directed by: Arjanne Laan www.directorsguild.nl

Produced by Kaie Klaassen voor Moving Image Production

Photography: Marc Homs

Soundrecording & soundmix: Fokke van Saane

Editing: Arjanne Laan

Editing advise: Jan Dop

Music: Patricio Wang

Music performed by: Michiel van Dijk (basklarinet en saxofoon), Jasper le Clerq (viool), Eduard van Regteren Altena (cello), Gerard Bouwhuis (piano), Peter van Os (accordeon)

Kaffee Powuzzie was produced for L1 Radio&TV, with the financial support of Stimuleringsfonds Nederlandse Culturele Omroepproducties, Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst, and Thuiskopie Fonds.

L1 Radio&TV Stimuleringsfonds Nederlandse Culturele Omroepproducties Thuiskopie Fonds

Formaat: 16 : 9

Original language: Dutch

Language versions: n.a.

Release date: March 2008

Running time: 13’35”

copyright © Moving Image Production, 2008

Relaxed atmosphere during the daytime. Picture: Fokke van Saane