InConflict – a serious game about street violence

It begins with curse and swear, gossip, boozing and provocations. Will it become cheering, beating, running off, fighting back, interfering, pulling knifes, escaping? How will it end? Imprisonment, being wounded, coming home safely, dead? The outcome of InConflict is in your own hands!

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The attackers catching up with Rachid


InConflict deals with street violence - two serious street fights are the basis for this interactive programme. The player of the game investigates these truly happened incidents from the respective points of view of the culprit, the victim, or one of the witnesses. The story of Rachid is a knifing incident between young men in the entertainment district of an average province town. In reality one person got severely wounded. In The story of Ellie jealousy and gossiping amongst girls lead to a huge bitch-fight on the tracks of a railway station. One of the girls involved was charged for grievous bodily harm and ended up in prison.

InConflict combines different genres: dramatised, interactive scenes and documentary sequences. The dramatised scenes are (re)constructions of the actual incidents. The player is confronted with these incidents but now can change the course of the events - at the end of each sequence the player runs into different possibilities from which he must quickly make a choice. By making choices within the story lines, the player can realise different outcomes of the incident. Every time the result of a choice is filmed and is shown in the following sequence. In this way the player discovers that the outcome of an incident largely depends on the choices one makes. It also turns out that in some cases the victim just as easily can be run in as the culprit, or the culprit equally well may end in hospital.

At the end the player is invited to do another run. He then can make other choices within the story-line he just finished, to see what result that brings, or decide to choose the point of view of one of the other main characters.

During or after a dramatised scene, a sub menu proposes documentary sequences. They contain personal statements and opinions of the “real” people who were involved in the actual incident - family members, friends, police men, etc.

Main character Rachid (left) with one of his friends

The argument started with provocations and curses


Concept & script, and directed by: Antoon Sturkenboom for

Produced by Kaie Klaassen for Moving Image Production

Photography: Pieter Huisman voor Eye Sea Land

Art & Interaction design: Wilco Drost for Maxd’Oro

Editing: Teun Pfeil

InConflict was produced within the framework of the European Union ESF/EQUAL programme Catch the coach-to-be. Co-financed by the Research & Development scheme of the Dutch Filmfund, supported by Nederlandse Spoorwegen and by Sagasnet, Development for Interactive Programming of the MEDIA programme of the European Union.

EU Nederlandse Spoorwegen Catch the coach-to-be Film Fonds Avant Productions

Original language: Dutch

Language versions: German (subtitled evaluation version), English (subtitled evaluation version), Polish (subtitled version)

Release dates: December 2007 / January 2008

Running time: up to 80 minutes

Distribution formats: DVDROM and website:

copyright © Moving Image Production, 2007, 2008

Ellie is beaten up by the group